Vevstovan í Nólsoy/The weaving mill

You can come to Nólsoy to spin your own thread on a little spinning wheel. The wool is ecological, the wool fat (lanolin) is preserved in the wool, which is from sheep, dwelling in the south end of Nólsoy Island, Borðan.

This workshop, where you can learn about and work with our special Faroese wool, about 3 hours of length. In 2021 it takes place on the 8th of May and on the 19th of June, from 1.30 PM to 4.30PM. The price is 450dkr per person and room is for 6 persons.

You have also the opportunity to join an angel-workshop. Here you work with wool, paunch and horns from the sheep. Beaks from different birds, old buttons and books are used as well. The workshop lasts one hour and takes place on the 29th of May and 21st of August from 2PM to 3PM and 3.30PM to 4.30PM. The cost is 200dkr per person.

When Guðrun is working in the workshop, you are welcome to pop in and have a look, learn about weaving and about the workshop.

Contact: Guðrun, Vevstovan phone +298 527002 or contact the Tourist Information.

The workshop also is on Facebook: Vevstovan í Nólsoy


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