Royndarhúsið/ The village hall

Royndarhúsið/ The village hallThe village hall, Royndarhúsið, is located centrally in the village and has a beautiful view to the ocean and to the highest spot in Nólsoy, called Eggjarklettur.

The hall has two floors. Downstairs a room with a stage, suitable for lectures, concerts and dance evenings. You will also find two toilets and a bathroom here.

On the upper floor there is a well equipped kitchen and a dining room that can house about 100 people.

The village hall can accommodate about 30 people on mattresses, and if you bring your own mattress, more people can be accommodated.

But it is important that you make an appointment with the housekeeper about this aforehand.

PA for music is available, but you have to make an appointment about this before you come.

The house is approved for a hundred people.

If you are interested in using the hall please contact Royndarhúsið on phone +298589590 or write to

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