Jens Kjeld Jensen

Jens Kjeld Jensen is a specialist, when it comes to birds and insects, yes, in any kind of animals and nature. He is an autodidact. He also has written several books about animal life and specially birdlife in Faroes. In may 2015 he was appointed doctor honoris causa by the university of Faroe Islands. Jens Kjeld is originally Danish, but has been living in Faroe since 1970, and has his residence in Nólsoy together with his fiancé, Marita Gullklett. He still works in his workshop in Nólsoy.

Jens Kjeld is maybe best known through his work stuffing birds, but his great interest in Faroese flora and fauna has made him well known throughout the world. In Nólsoy he has founded a small garden with different sorts of Faroese willow.

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