Nólsoy School

The (new) public school in Nólsoy was built in 1970. The last few years it has been renovated and insolated.

There are two common classrooms and one room for special education, which is also used for preschool. Furthermore you can find special classrooms for domestic, carpentry and music. The school also has a small library, a gym and the schoolyard is same size as a handball field.

Physically handicapped people have good access to the school through automatic doors and the school is equipped with toilet and bath facilities for handicapped people, as well as there is access with wheelchair to every room in the school, except from the carpentry workshop.

In 2019/2020 13 pupils were in the school. They are divided into three groups :

Preschool, 1.- 3. grade and 4. – 7. grade. Three teachers work in the school.

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