For more than 25 years the local celebration in Nólsoy, Ovastevna, has been a regular part of the summerprogram for many Faroes Islanders.

In 2021 Ovastevna will take place on Saturday 14 August.

There are many local celebrations around the Islands but Ovastevna in Nólsoy is something quite special. Many guests visit Nólsoy for the celebration and Ovastevna is second only to Ólavsøka and the music festivals in number of guests.

For Ovastevna the locals do everything they can to welcome you and show you how fun, cosy and fantastic Nólsoy is. Ovastevna is a celebration for the whole family and has something to offer no matter who you are. The program is designed to ensure a wide range of activities throughout the whole day, starting on Saturday morning. The activities will give you a window into the daily life in Nólsoy.

The locals are good musicians and love to sing and play music. This is evident in the program for the celebration where music plays a big part. Live music and performances can be heard throughout the day on the quay which is the center of the activities. In the evening everyone can join in the singing of local songs. The day ends with a big party with music and dance on the quay. Of course faroese traditional dance will also be on the program.

Most of the activities are free of charge. The ferry from Tórshavn departs almost every hour. More information on the selebrations you find on the Facebook page “Ovastevna”

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