Nólsoy in short


Nólsoy is one of the smaller islands in Faroes, only ten square kilometres. It is situated a few kilometres east of the capital, Tórshavn. Though 371 metres high it is the lowest of the 18 islands. 2004 Nólsoy went from beeing an independent municipality to be a part of the large Tórshavn municipality. The island itself has no member of council, but there is a committee, chosen by the villagers to give advice in matters that concern the Nólsoy people.
In 1970 the population was about 350, but during the next years it gradually decreased. Now it is a fact that people very much want to live in Nólsoy again, specially younger people. In 2019 the balance of births and deaths was 8, one person died, but 9 babies were born. This moment (2021) the population is about 230.

We like very much to have visitors and would like to give you the possibility for a great adventure and a very warm welcome.

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